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About 47 Security Services

With a commitment to offering all their clients the best of what security guard companies have to offer, 47 Security Services is a world-class security firm. Customers of 47 Security all commend the professionalism with which the firm handled the protection of their sites and the prevention of crime in the area. Using Guardso’s online cloud-based platform, the company has been able to improve its quality of service tremendously.


Current Challenges and Opportunities

A few years ago, 47 Security Services relied on manual patrol reports whenever they sent guards to a site. The problem was that the company could never tell exactly where each of their guards was at a particular time. There was a likelihood that guards could miss checkups even by a few minutes. For 47 Security Services, this unreliability of manual systems posed a challenge to their goal of providing their customers with the highest possible standard of service. It was the reason they decided to try out Guardso, our reliable online security guard management system.

Solutions Provided by Guardso

The Guardso security patrol system allowed the 47 Security Services management team to ensure that their guards always went on patrol on time. The guards had to check in with smart-phone-based QR codes at predetermined intervals. The security guard company was, therefore, able to account for their security officers’ whereabouts, and clients could access the reports of the patrols.


End Result

Using Guardso enabled 47 Security Services to improve the service packages to offer their clients. Not only did the company showcase its reliability, but it also built a reputation as a trustworthy and accountable security guard firm. More and more customers have signed their premises to 47 Security Services because of the company’s good reputation. Conclusively, using Guardso has made 47 Security Services live up to its reputation as a quality service-driven firm.


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