A Visitor Management System With Ultimate Scalability

Guardso security guard visitor log offers a smart virtual way to effortlessly keep track of visitors on a client site using Guardso mobile patrol app.

  • visitor-profiles

    Organized Visitor Profiles

    Register and share the particulars of visitors and vehicles at each post site using the Guardso mobile app with time in and time out details.

  • virtual-visitor-log

    Virtual Visitor Log

    Keeps the visitor log chronologically organized to keep track of who visits the post sites and when. Share the data with clients right from the dashboard.

  • mobile-app-entry

    Mobile App Entry

    Keep a record of the visitor movement on site effortlessly via the Guardso mobile app. Enter all details quickly and upload them to a secure database.

  • secure-database

    Secure & Private Database

    Register and store all information in a secure database right from the Guardso mobile app, that can’t be duplicated, or compromised by unauthorized personnel.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video
  • affrod-document

    Affordable Way To Document

    Save on documentation expenses by eliminating the need for multiple log books. Record visitor details via mobile app and access and share from the dashboard.

  • waiting-line

    Eliminate Waiting Lines

    Professionally expedite the movement of visitors in and out of client property. Process visitors efficiently to eliminate long waiting lines.

  • emergency-response

    Enhance Emergency Response

    Use the visitor details to determine the presence and location of visitors within the facility in emergencies when the building must be evacuated.

  • data-confidentiality

    Maintain Data Confidentiality

    Prevents competitors, hackers, and suppliers from getting access to the logbook. The confidential information is stored on the cloud and securely accessible.

  • visitor-service

    Improve Visitor Service

    Gives the visitor an undeniable sense of security knowing that all their personal information is stored securely improving the visitor service.

  • reduce-security-breaches

    Reduce Security Breaches

    Automate with best visitor check-in software. Eliminate security breaches by not relying on logbooks and create legible & accurate records of your visitors.


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