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Improve Guard's

Train your security officers to improve their performance at the job site. With these training articles, your security officers will learn the critical skills need to do the job right.


Builds Greater

Statistics show that training your guards professionally will improve their confidence in real life situations and help guards respond in a proper manner. This training article will help you build confidence in your guards.


Increase Client

Trained security guards perform better at the client site resulting in increased client satisfaction with the services provided by your security company. The end result is that you are able to retain the client for longer periods of time.


The role of security guard

In this training article, guard learns about the basic roles of a security guard while being stationed at the client site. Security guard learns about this day to day activity and what is expected of him/her at the job.


Report Writing

One of the most important skills every security guard must have is an ability to write reports in a professional manner. In this security guard report writing article, the security guard will learn to utilize best practices while writing reports as a security guard.


Security Officer’s Safety

Security guard's job is to provide security for other but how about one's own safety. In this article, the security officer will learn about techniques he/she can use to enhance one's own safety.


Foot Patrol

In this training article, security guard learns about the importance of the foot patrol and why it is important to conduct foot patrols while working on client site. The security guard also learns equipment needed to conduct effective foot patrols.


Fire Watch

Most client sites are equipped with fire alarm but what if the fire alarm stopped working. In such scenario, it is security officers job to make sure that he/she is present to remain active and conduct fire watch duties professionally.


Sexual Harassment

The issue of sexual harassment at work is a major concern. In this article, security guard learns about his/her responsibility to prevent or report sexual harassment to proper authorities.


Vehicle Patrol

The purpose of a doing a vehicle patrol is that the officer can cover more area in a reasonable amount of time. This article will cover some important points every security officer should keep in mind before performing a vehicle patrol.


Customer Service

While keeping people and property safe and secure is a serious business, that doesn't mean a security officer can't also be friendly and helpful. This article will cover important points on how security officer can improve his/her customer service and security guard incident report writing skills.



In case of an emergency such as fire, threat, earthquake buildings need to be evacuated promptly. This training article will cover some of the basic techniques every security guard need to know about the proper ways to evacuate buildings and public area.


Protecting a Crime Scene

Every time a crime happens there is a general procedure to be followed to protect the crime scene so proper government agencies can collect the evidence. This training article will teach the security guard about the best ways to protect a crime scene.


Importance Of Training Guards

Training employees in any industry is an important factor to succeed but when it comes to security guard industry, professionally training security guard is the most important. Statistics show that proper training can improve officer's performance by as much as 40%. Training can improve the safety and wellbeing of your guards significantly. It also increases the satisfaction of your clients when trained security officers conduct his/her duties professionally. Through training, your guard learns to act in a professional manner in real life situations.

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