Streamline Your Security Guard Scheduling

Guardso offers powerful security guard scheduling to automate your scheduling process to enhance guard engagement and improve efficiency.

  • shift-template

    Shift Templates

    Use security guard scheduling software to create shift templates and use them across multiple post sites when creating shifts to easily schedule your security guard on the go.

  • publish-unpublish-schedule

    Publish/Unpublished Shifts

    Easily publish/unpublished shift when scheduling your security officers on multiple post sites. It makes it easier for you to share the right information about the shift changes in time.

  • open-shift

    Open Shifts

    Not sure which guard is available to add to a particular shift. Open shift feature allows you to let your guard choose which shifts they want to work to give them extra flexibility.

  • shift-confirmation

    Shift Confirmations

    Shift confirmation lets the security guards verify each shift to make sure that they will be able to work. It gives you extra confidence and reassurance that your guards will be on duty.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video
  • notification

    Live Notifications

    Get live multiple notifications right within dashboard or inbox. Find out when your guards confirm shifts, clock in/out, pickup open shifts and more.

  • attn

    Attendance Overview

    Easily find out when your guards are clocking in at what time, and if they are arriving on time at the post site. Get live notifications when guards are late.

  • improve-attendence

    Improve Attendance

    Monitor when your guards confirm shifts, Clock In/Out, pick up open shifts and more with integrated security guard time clock. Enhanced accountability improves attendance.

  • check-missed

    Check Missed Patrols

    Make sure the scheduled patrol is performed with clocking system for security guards. Get an instant notification if the guard misses patrols. Ensure every site is visited on time.

  • audit-and-appraisal-capabilities

    Audit And Appraisal Capabilities

    Guardso allows you to keep track of the patrol tour data for auditing. Also, it gathers data for guard appraisal based on efficiency in executing patrol and on-site performance.

  • regain-control

    Overtime Prevention: Regain Control

    Communicate schedules and changes therein in real-time to make sure patrols are conducted within daily deadlines saving you from paying for unnecessary overtime.


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