Accurate Real-Time Security Guard GPS Tracking

  • gps

    Live Tracking

    Track your security guard during their shift while they are logged into the mobile app. Get a clear view of your entire security guard force on the app.

  • location-mapping

    Location Mapping

    Easily track your entire team of security guards on the map with Guardo’s security patrol monitoring system. Easily pinpoint and direct the resources to the right target location. Guardso makes it easy for you to track your security officers.

  • pinpoint-guard

    Pinpoint Guard

    With Guardso live tracking you can pinpoint particular guard on the map while the guard is checked in. Easily view the tracking history of the entire day to know the exact location of your guard with the security guard tracking system.

  • track-history

    Track History

    A guard tracking system built to allow you to easily check the entire day’s activity of your security guard by viewing the track history.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video
  • inactive-flag

    Inactive Flags

    Find out which of the guards have been inactive during a certain time period. Guardso gives you the ability to address accountability among your guards.

  • ccurate-field-staff-supervision

    Accurate Field Staff Supervision

    Do away with the assuming what is happening on site. Allow the guards to update site action with the help of pictures and videos. Know the site that requires special attention.

  • monitor-on-site-movement

    Monitor On-site Movement

    Get accurate and real-time updates to know when the guard checks-in and out of particular site. Know exactly where the guard is on site and for how long.

  • eenhance-field-visibility

    Enhance Field Visibility

    Track guards and their movement on different site with the accurate GPS data. Enhanced visibility addresses accountability and discourages skipping patrol sites.

  • reinforce-schedules

    Reinforce Schedules

    Get notified of on-site check-ins/out in real time. Create reinforcement plans to ensure schedule compliance. Gain full control over the guard movement in accordance with scheduled patrols.

  • actionable-insights

    Actionable Insights

    Gain an insight into officer performance along with regular guard tour reports. Plan and execute keeping in the incident history of a specific site and deploy guards based on skills and experience.


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