Integrated Security Guard Dispatch Center

Guardso security guard dispatch center allows the dispatcher to register, assign and update the dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources on one platform.

  • dispatch-call

    Dispatch Calls

    Easily create new dispatch calls and assign calls to multiple guards. Register important information right within the system and access it anytime in the future.

  • guard-activity

    Guard Activity

    Get live activity status of the guards on-site to know which guards have copied the dispatch call, are on the way or have arrived on the site with the security guard dispatch software.

  • information-flow

    Information Flow

    Easily register important call information and share it with your entire teams of professionals. Store data in an organized manner for future reference.

  • call-status

    Call Status

    Stay connected to ground zero to get live call status from the guards on the dispatch calls. Easily view notes, audio, video and images files from the guards.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video
  • response

    Respond Easily

    Guardso dispatch center gives you the ability to share accurate dispatch call information with the guards and also receive live feedback from the scene.

  • alarm-response

    Alarm Response

    In emergencies, delays can be fatal. Guardso allows the guards to report urgencies in real-time allowing the dispatcher to summon help to the required site.

  • quick-response-time

    Quick Response Time

    The dispatcher can manage dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources and take appropriate actions. Proper organization of data minimizes the response time.

  • status-warning

    Status Warning

    Manage dispatch calls with real-time updates on the status of each call. Any delays are notified so that priority calls are never missed and urgent situations are addressed efficiently.

  • unparalleled-precision

    Unparalleled Precision

    Eliminate chaos and confusion. Automate how you manage your dispatch calls to make sure no call is missed and every security guard receives aid whenever needed.

  • site-specific-spdates

    Site Specific Updates

    Every site is different in terms of the number of site patrol, incident history, and security officers deployed. Get daily updates for each site enabling.


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