PPO Dashboard

Modern PPO Dashboard that is designed to optimize the communication flow of your private patrol company. Take your entire security patrol option on the cloud and say goodbye to paperwork stacks. Guardso is highly available and secure private patrol operator dashboard that allows you to manage your entire team of security officers with an ease.

Guardso client profile

Client Profiles

Guardso easily allows to you add multiple client profiles with multiple post sites. Create detailed profiles and save all the important contact information in one place. Quick access the important information on your fingertips. Client profiles make it easy for your entire team to work more effectively.

Guardso ppo dashbooard post sites

Post Sites

With Guardso adding post sites under clients is easy. Post Site play central role in Guardso. With post sites, you can quickly assign guards, add post orders, add notes, generate site tours using QR or NFC tags, add tasks and much more.Guardso makes it easy for you to manage Post Sites.

Guardso ppo dashbooard guard

Guard Profiles

Guardso makes it easy for you to manage your security guards by allowing you to add detailed guard profiles. Add all the important information concerning your officers in one central place and easily access it when you need it the most. Managing your security guards have never been so easy.

Guardso ppo dashbooard dispatch

Dispatch Center

Easily allow your staff to attend dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources and take appropriate actions. Assign dispatch calls to a particular client site. Add notes and action plan for each call. Follow up to check the status of a dispatch call. Create call logs and share them with clients to optimal communication.

Guardso ppo dashbooard post orders

Post Orders

Reduce the liability while giving clear instructions to your officers concerning post sites. Post order are one of the many important features of Guardso where you create post order for individual post sites. Security guards can easily view post order using Guardso mobile app.

Guardso ppo dashbooard check in

In-App Check-in/out

With Guardso there is no need to burden your dispatch center with guard check ins/out phone calls. Allow your guards to easily check in/out of sites by using Guardso mobile app. Reduce the guess work by knowing that your guards are on site and on time using Guardso in-app check in/out with GPS location feature.

Guardso ppo dashbooard online report

Online Reporting

Guardso allows you to view multiple reports submitted by your officers from their post sites. Easily view all the reports from your dashboard. Get automatic notifications when your officers submit their reports. Easily review and approve reports to share them with your clients using Guardso client portal.

Guardso ppo dashbooard site tour

Guided Site Tours

Improve the performance of your security guard by allowing them to conduct site tours using QR location tags. Our site tour feature allows guards scan each tag using their mobile device and find out the exact time and location on which the QR location tag was scanned.

Guardso ppo dashbooard task


Assign tasks to your security officer to increase their productivity and accountability. Guards can easily access their assigned tasks on their mobile devices using free Guardso mobile app. Guardso task features allow guards to take images and add text description for each task they complete.

Guardso ppo dashbooard notification


Notification makes it easy for you and your team to view critical changes in the system. Guardso offers notification at every level of chances such as clients, post sites, dispatch center, guards, reporting and much more. Be the first to find out when security officer has checked into a post site.

Guardso ppo dashbooard policy

Company Policies

Share your company policies across your entire team of security guards. Guardso is designed to improve the information flow of your private patrol company. With company policies feature your company no longer needs to deliver updated company policies to individual guards manually.

Guardso ppo dashbooard online note

Online Notes

Take note of important information concerning your client post sites, guards and store it online for easy access. Using Guardso you can add unlimited notes to different areas of your company such as clients, client's sites, guards and share it with your entire staff. It helps you keep important information organized and easily accessible when needed to most.

Guardso ppo dashbooard license

Guard's Licenses

Guardso help you to keep all the important information about your guard's license in one place. Easily find out when the licenses are going to expire by getting a notification. Using Guardso dashboard you can easily store license numbers, expiry dates and license images in a single place.

Guardso ppo dashbooard call-log

Call Logs

Streamline the information coming in and share it across your organization and clients. Allows your clients access up to date information concerning their properties. Call logs reporting give the perfect overview of dispatch center activity and allow your organization to be informed about critical incidents.

Guardso ppo dashbooard gps

GPS Tracking ( coming soon )

Pinpoint the exact location of your security officer on the map. Find out where you security officer was on the post site during a time frame. Improve officer's performance by guiding your officers during foot patrol. Guardso geo-fence feature allows to you setup multiple alerts.


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