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$ 50 Mo
+ $15 Per Guard / Mo.


150+ Guards
Special Pricing
  • everything-in-standardEverything In Standard + Includes all the features of the
    standard plan plus additional
    features for enhanced efficiency.

  • custom-featuresCustom Features Add or remove features to suit the
    size and requirements of your
    private patrol company.

  • add-one-modulesAdd-On Modules Expand system capabilities with
    4 feature-rich add-on modules.

  • third-party-integrationsThird Party Integrations Option to integrate third-party
    apps with Guardso on request.

  • private-vps.pngPrivate VPS All data shared through Guardso
    is saved on a private server,
    exclusive to your private patrol

  • uptime99.99% Uptime Highly available system keeping
    up with the top standards of
    operational efficiency.

  • live-phone-supportLive Phone Support Live anytime support to solve any
    query regarding the operations and
    functioning of the security guard
    management system.

  • add-moreAnd More

Complete Patrol Monitoring System

Live Dashboard - Security Guard Mobile App - Client Portal

Track on-site presence and movement of security guards with Guardso mobile app in real-time. gps-tracking

GPS Tracking

Easily check the entire day’s on-field movement of your guards by viewing the track history. share-tracking

GPS Tracking History

Define the area within which the guard is allowed to move on site, get notified on a violation. time-clock


Conduct site tours using QR location tags allowing them to scan each tag using the mobile app. client-profile

Site Tours

Customize reporting criteria with custom report templates to suit your reporting requirements. post-site

Custom Reports

Automate scheduling process, allow guards to access and confirm schedules on the mobile app. guard-profile


Record the on-site time on each post site with Guardso mobile app and keep time sheets error-free. site-tour

Time Clock

Register, assign and update the dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources on one platform. time-clock


A seamless secure messenger that allows guards, admins, and clients to connect and collaborate. client-profile


Add multiple post sites under clients to quickly assign guards, add post orders, notes, tasks. notification-hm

Post Sites

Allow guards to check-in/out of post sites by scanning QR/NFC tags using Guardso mobile app. in-app-check-ins

In-App Check-Ins

Stay connected to the field and manage vehicle-based security patrols and post site hits frequency. site-tour

Vehicle Patrols

Give clear instructions to your officers concerning post sites accessible on the Guardso mobile app. task

Post Orders

No more paper reports, easily submit DARs right from the Guardso Mobile app in real-time. d-a-report

D.A.R Reports

Get instant notifications on theft, break-ins, threat at the client's site with incident reports. incident-report

Incident Reports

Allow guards to submit hourly reports from the site using mobile app cutting down reporting time. hourly-report

Hourly Reports

Get live notifications when your guards confirm shifts, clock in/out, submit reports and more. post-order


Allow your clients to give access to multiple users to client portal and manage users on their end. multiple-user

Multiple User Access

Easily view the video feeds submitted by the guards from the post site using Guardso mobile app. watch-mode-log


Share your company policies with security guards that they can access on the Guardso mobile app. policy

Company Policy

Available on both iOS and Android, Guardso mobile app is designed to improve guard performance. mobile-app

Guards Mobile App

Give your clients secure access to all the critical information on the go to ensure transparency. client-portal

Client Portal

Allow guards assigned to a post site to create pass down logs to share important information. create-passdown


Assign tasks to your security officers easily accessible on the Guardso mobile app in real-time. geo-fencing


Create shifts open to guards allowing them to choose and confirm which shifts they want to work. invoices

Open Shifts

Add detailed guard profiles and manage add all the important information concerning your officers. guard-profile

Guard Profiles

Create and manage detailed client profiles & multiple post sites, save important data in one place. /client-profile

Client Profiles

Expand System Capabilities

Feature rich add-on modules

Visitor Log


Guards can keep a virtual track of the visitors and vehicles on post sites with Guardso mobile app and share the same with the supervisor.

  • Visitor profiles
  • Visitor logs
  • Mobile app entry
  • Data confidentiality
$ 25 Mo
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Make invoicing process simpler and professional. Guardso invoicer allows converting estimates to invoices and keeping track of their delivery and payment status.

  • Create invoices
  • Create estimates
  • Email invoices & estimates
  • Record payments
$ 30 Mo
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out quick answer to frequently asked questions

Q: What is Guardso?

Guardso is a easy to use and cost effective security guard management system. It is designed for security guard company that want to streamline the communication between company, guards, and the clients. Guardso allows security guard companies to eliminate the native paperwork process of gathering information.

Q: How much does Guardso cost?

We are proud to say that Guardso is the most cost effective security guard management system available on the market. We only charge $10 per guard and you can add as many guards as you like. We only charge for active guards.

Q: Is there any Contract to be signed ?

No, We do not believe in tying the customer with long term contacts and that is the reason we charge on monthly bases which means you can cancel your service anytime you like.

Q: Can I add multiple clients?

Yes, with Guardso you can include as many clients and their sites as you like, there is no limit. However number of guards depends on which type of plan.


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