Dynamic Guard Tour System

Get actionable insights into on-site security operations, access live activity
feed, reports, GPS tracking and more.


GPS Tracking

Pinpoint the exact location of your security officer on the map. Find out where your security guard was on the post site during the specified time frame.


Post Sites

With Guardso adding post sites under multiple clients is easy. Quickly assign guards, add post orders, notes, tasks and update the active/inactive status of the client.


Time Clock

Guardso's integrated security guard time clock eliminates the need for carrying multiple devices to the patrol site and helps get rid of errors in time sheets.


Client Profiles

Manage multiple client profiles and post sites with ease. Create detailed profiles and save all the important contact information at one place.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video

Post Orders

Use guard tour software to reduce the liability while giving clear instructions to your security officers concerning post sites improving on-site performance.


In-App Check- In/Out

No need to burden your dispatch center with check-ins/out phone calls. Guardso allows your guards to easily check in/out of post sites using the mobile app.


Online Reporting

Guardso allows you to view multiple reports submitted by your officers from their post sites on the live dashboard. Get instant automatic notifications.


Guided Site Tours

The site tour feature allows guards to conduct site tours using QR location tags, it lets them scan each tag using their mobile improving on-site performance.



Assign tasks to on-site guards with security guard tour solution and let guards access the tasks on their mobile devices with free Guardso mobile app.



Notification makes it easy for you and your team to view critical changes in the system. Guardso notifies you of every change.


Company Policies

Share your company policies across your entire team of security guards. Guardso is designed to improve the information flow within your private patrol company.


Online Notes

Take note of important information concerning your client post sites, guards and store it online for easy access. With Guardso you can add unlimited notes to different areas.


Guards Licenses

Guardso helps you to keep all the vital information about your guards license at one place. Easily find out when the licenses are going to expire by getting a notification.


Call Logs

Manage and share the information coming in from multiple sites. Allows your clients access up to date information concerning their properties.


Guard Profiles

Easily manage your security guards by adding creating detailed guard profiles. Add all the important information concerning your officers.


Dispatch Center

Allow your staff to attend dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources and assign dispatch calls to guards for rapid incident response.



Get live multiple notifications right within dashboard or inbox. Find out when your guards confirm shifts, clock in/out, pickup openshits and more.



Create and publish shifts with guard tour patrol solution. Let your guards access shifts on the mobile along with the ability to confirm open shifts.


Incident Overview

Stay updated with detailed incident report for each individual site. Check the frequency of trespassing, theft, break-in, or fire alarm and strategist.


Report overview graphs

Graphical overview of the dispatch calls and custom reports submitted from multiple sites right on the dashboard to let you quickly analyze and manage data.


Functional Guard Tour Reporting Software

Simplify reporting process - generate and share detailed reports faster and identify
inefficiencies with comprehensive reports.


Daily Activity Report

Say goodbye to the paper reports, let security guards submit hourly reports right from their Guardso Mobile app. It doesn't get any easier.


Incident Reporting

Be the first to know what is happening at client's sites with security guard incident reports. Get up-to-date notifications on theft, break-ins, threat etc.


Check-In/out Report

With Guardso check-in/out report it is easy to find out when your security guard checks in/out of the site. Filter reports to view accurate data.


Task Reports

Monitor if guards are completing the assigned tasks on time. Get notified when the tasks are completed and view details using notes submitted by guards.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video

Call Logs

Streamline the information coming in and share it with your security team and clients. Allow your clients to access up to date information concerning their properties.


Hourly Report

Stay connected to the field- let the guards update reports from their smartphones cutting down reporting time and making it easier to submit and access reports.


Site Tour Report

Access the check-in/out reports for guards for multiple sites. Keep account of performance and on-site incidents with images and videos.


Watch Mode Log

Easily view video feeds shared by your guards in watch mode using Guardso Guard app. Use advanced filters to locate watch mode feeds based on post sites.


Passdown Log

Quickly access the pass-down logs as they are created by the security officers. Monitor what information is shared on the site with pass-down entries.


Dispatch Log

Centralize the dispatch calls received from different sites and connect the security guards on-site with the dispatcher. Efficiently manage and update the dispatch log.


Custom reports

Customize reports for different clients. Design and create custom report templates to define reports' criteria to suit your reporting requirements.


Vehicle Patrol Report

Manage vehicle-based security patrols and run reports based on client and post sites improving the patrol accountability and site visibility.


Streamline Your Security Guard Scheduling

Do more than timesheets, schedule for weeks in advance along with attendance reports,
open shifts and shift confirmations.


Shift Templates

Use security guard scheduling software to create shift templates and use them across multiple post sites when creating shifts to easily schedule your security guard.



Easily publish/unpublished shift when scheduling your security officers on multiple post sites and easily share the right information about the shift changes instantly.


Open Shifts

Not sure which guard is available to add to a particular shift. Open shift feature allows you to let your guard choose which shifts they want to work to give them extra flexibility.


Shift Confirmations

Shift confirmation lets the security guards verify each shift giving you extra confidence and reassurance that your guards will be on duty.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video

Live Notifications

Get live multiple notifications right within dashboard or inbox. Find out when your guards confirm shifts, clock in/out, pickup open shifts and more.


Attendance Overview

Easily find out when your guards are clocking in at what time, and if they are arriving on time at the post site. Get live notifications when guards are late.


Improve Attendance

Monitor when your guards confirm shifts, clock in/out, pick up open shifts and more with integrated security guard time clock to improve attendance.


Check Missed Patrols

Make sure the scheduled patrol is performed with the clocking system for security guards. Get an instant notification if the guard misses patrols.


Audit And Appraisal

Guardso allows you to keep track of the patrol tour data for auditing. Also, it gathers data for guard appraisal based on efficiency and on-site performance.


Overtime Prevention:
Regain Control

Communicate schedules and changes therein in real-time to make sure patrols are conducted within daily deadlines saving you from paying for unnecessary overtime.


Schedule automation

Put your scheduling on autopilot with advance scheduling, schedule for up to 8 weeks in advance with the ability to save and publish shifts.


Guard Idle Log

Improve on-site performance- enable inactive guard alerts and set inactivity timing to get notified when the guard is idle on the post site.


Integrated Security Guard Dispatch Center

Register and update the dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources on
one platform and assign guards quickly.


Dispatch Calls

Easily create new dispatch calls and assign calls to multiple guards. Register important information right within the system and access it anytime in the future.


Guard Activity

Get live status of the guards on-site to know if guards have copied the dispatch call, are on the way or have arrived on the site with the security guard dispatch software.


Information Flow

Easily register important call information and share it with your entire teams of professionals. Store data in an organized manner for future reference.


Call Status

Stay connected to ground zero to get live call status from the guards on the dispatch calls. Easily view notes, audio, video and images files from the guards.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video

Respond Easily

Guardso dispatch center gives you the ability to share accurate dispatch call information with the guards and also receive live feedback from the scene.


Alarm Response

In emergencies, delays can be fatal. Guardso allows the guards to report urgencies in real-time allowing the dispatcher to summon help to the required site.


Quick Response Time

The dispatcher can manage dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources and respond timely. Proper organization of data minimizes the response time.


Status Warning

Manage dispatch calls with real-time status updates. Any delays are notified so that priority calls are never missed and urgent situations are addressed efficiently.


Unparalleled Precision

Eliminate chaos and confusion. Automate how you manage your dispatch calls to make sure no call is missed and every security guard receives aid whenever needed.


Site Specific Updates

Every site is different in terms of the number of site patrol, incident history, and security officers deployed. Get daily updates for each site enabling.


Improved visibility

Stay on top of the dispatch calls- get to-the-minute updates from the guards assigned to the dispatch calls combined with GPS live tracking.


Immediate assistance

Get real-time updates on dispatch calls from the site and mobilize assistance to the concerned site when external aid may be required.


Real-Time Security Guard GPS Tracking

Track your security guard force on the live map with the ability to view GPS history
and geotag authorized areas on post sites.


Live Tracking

Track your security guard during their shift while they are logged into the mobile app. Get a clear view of your entire security guard force on the app.


Track History

A guard tracking system built to allow you to easily check the entire day’s on-field movement of your security guards by viewing the track history.


Pinpoint Guard

Use Guardso's security guard tracking system to pinpoint particular guard on the map while the guard is checked in. Easily view the tracking history of the entire day.


Location Mapping

Easily track your security guards on the map with Guardso’s security patrol monitoring system. Easily pinpoint and direct the resources to the right location.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video

Inactive Flags

Find out which of the guards have been inactive during a certain time period. Guardso gives you the ability to address accountability among your guards.


Accurate Field Staff

Do away with the assuming what is happening on site by allowing the guards to update on the site activities with the help of pictures and videos.


Monitor On-site

Get accurate and real-time updates to know when the guard checks-in and out of particular site. Know exactly where the guard is on site and for how long.


Enhance Field Visibility

Track guards and their movement on different sites with accurate GPS data. Enhanced visibility addresses accountability issues and discourages skipping patrol sites.


Reinforce Schedules

Get notified of on-site check-ins/out in real time. Create reinforcement plans to ensure schedule compliance and guard movement during scheduled patrols.


Actionable Insights

Gain insight into officer performance with regular guard tour reports. Identify incident history of a specific site and deploy guards based on skills and experience.



Define the area within which the guard is allowed to move on the client sites with a live map on Google maps, get notified on a violation on the dashboard.


Audit capabilities

Documentation of the on-site movement of guards with GPS live tracking and history reduces liability and serves as proof for legal investigations.


Secure Messaging For Security Teams

A simple, seamless secure messenger that allows guards, admins,
and clients to connect and collaborate.


Seamless across devices

The perfect messenger application for your security team that works seamlessly across platforms, available on both web and Guardso mobile app.


Check-in based chat

The Guardso messenger app allows only the guards who have checked in on the post site so that the group and individual chats remain focused and professional.


Works with Guardso app

No need for a separate app, the Guardso messenger app works flawlessly with the mobile app and Live dashboard allowing the security team to stay connected.


Secure user access

Confidentiality of the data shared is important. Guardso messenger allows the admins to manage user access so that the shared information stays safe.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video

Add Multimedia

Communicate better with multimedia. When needed just hit record and send a voice message, videos or pictures to make messages more clear.


Connect your clients

Guardso messenger gives you the convenience of adding clients to chat so you can provide business support and easily guide or update your clients anytime.


Connect conveniently

Stay connected even when the user is not available. Just drop a message and allow the guards to conveniently revert without disrupting patrols.


Easy team collaboration

Guardso messenger makes it easier for your security team -security guards, admins, and even clients to connect and communicate on a single app.


Cut miscommunication

Communicate effectively with the messenger app that allows guards to quickly clarify any miscommunication related to post orders, tasks, and schedules.


Real-time messaging

Collaborate with the team instantly for better and quick decision making. The app allows you to share texts and multimedia files in real-time.


Group chats

Add guards, managers, and dispatchers to the chat to relay important information across the entire security team quicker with group chats.


Secure Communication

Guardso messenger utilized the same security encryption used by banks making sure that all communication and shared information is 100% secure.


Award Winning Customer Service

At Guardso we offer top rated customer service to all our customers.


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