Generate detailed reports based on data shared by your guards on the post site. Guardso reports give you the accurate view of events on the go. Easily share reporting by exporting reports in multiple formats. View reports such as daily activity reports, incident reports, site tour reports, task reports, dispatch call log, pass-down logs and much more.

guardso dar reporting

Daily Activity Report

With Guardso you can say goodbye to the paper reports. Your security guards can easily submit hourly reports on right from their Guardso Mobile app, making it easy to report from sites. Guards can attach high-resolution images along with their report making it easy for your clients to find out about the events.

guardso incident reporting

Incident Reporting

Be the first to know what is taking place at your client's sites with the help of incident report feature. Get up to date notification every time something happens on the client site. With over 20 incidents to choose from your guards can quickly report incidents with a touch of a finger. All this is done using our award-winning free Guardso mobile app. Site Tour Report

guardso check in reporting

Check-In/out Report

With Guardso check-in/out report it is easy to find out when your security guard checks in and out of the site. Find the exact piece of data by applying multiple filters based on client, client sites and guards. Reduce the guessing access the right accurate data concerning your guard's check-in/out.

guardso task reporting

Task Reports

Find out if your officers are completing their assigned tasks on time. Easily access important information such as when the task was completed and read the notes concerning the task entered by the officer. Task reporting give you access the accurate information when you need it the most.

guardso call log reporting

Call Logs

Streamline the information coming in and share it across your organization and clients. Allow your clients access up to date information concerning their properties. Call logs reporting give the perfect overview of dispatch center activity and allow your organization to be informed about critical incidents.

guardso passdown reporting

Passdown Log

Quickly access the pass-down logs as they are created by your security officers. Find out details About individual pass-down entries and know important information your security officers are sharing with each other while on post sites. Pass-down log truly gives you access to valuable information at your fingertips.


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