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Guardso mobile app is designed to increase the performance and address accountability of your security guards. Guards can check post orders, submit multiple reports, conduct site tours, complete assigned tasks, create pass-down logs with the mobile patrol app for android for iOS. With Guardso’s mobile app your guards can provide high-quality services to your clients.

  • in-app

    In-App Check In/Out

    With our guard tour mobile app, there is no need to burden your dispatch center with phone call check-in/outs. Allow your guards to easily check in/out of sites by using Guardso mobile app.

  • guided

    Guided Site Tours

    Improve the performance of your security guard by allowing them to conduct site tours using QR location tags. Our site tour feature allows guards scan each tag using their mobile.

  • submitting

    Submitting Reports

    With Guardso mobile app your guard can submit multiple reports and share images. Our easy to use award-winning guard tour mobile app makes it easy for your guards.

  • access

    Access Post Orders

    Reduce the liability while giving clear instructions to your officers concerning post sites. Post guidelines are one of the many important features of Guardso.

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  • mobi-task


    Assign tasks to your security guards to increase productivity and accountability. Guards can easily access assigned tasks using free Guardso mobile patrol app for iOS and Android.

  • create

    Create Passdowns

    Passdown logs help your security officers to communicate important information with other officers assigned to the post site. Guardso allows your security officers.

  • gps.png

    Live Tracking

    Stay updated with the exact location of guards on-site. Get accurate data relating to check-ins and out. Eliminate the chances of missing scheduled sites.

  • real-time-notification

    Real-Time Notifications

    Get notified in real time about the movement of guards on patrol. Guaranteed schedule compliance with notifications on skipped checkpoints on the patrol route.

  • dispatch

    Dispatch Calls

    Streamline the communication between the dispatch center and security guards. Easily create new dispatch calls and assign to multiple guards. Register, update and access important information right within the system.

  • scheduling


    Automate your scheduling efforts. Cut down time in repetitive daily schedule and communicate any changes on the go within the app itself. Manage and update shift details along with attendance overview.

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