Breakthrough Guard Tour Mobile App

Empower your guards to do more- submit reports, check in/out, access schedules & post orders and more.

Give Your Guards The Access On The Go, When They Need It The Most.

Give the guards the power to access critical updates on the go. With in-app notifications keep guards posted of schedule changes, assigned tasks, post orders, open shifts, and more.

Guardso Security Guard Management System video

Keep Guards
Productive And Proactive

With live tracking and geo-fencing stay updated about the movement of guards on client facility. Assign tasks, post orders in real-time and be alerted of site tour completion with simple QR/NFC tag scans.

Empower Your Guards With Easy To Use Mobile App

The intelligently designed interface makes Guardso mobile app easy to use. Guards access schedules, submit reports, check-in/out of post sites and request time off right from the app.


Submit Reports On The Go

With Guardso mobile app, guards submit reports in minutes while on the go making sure the reporting is convenient, quicker, simpler, and supported by images and audio/video files when needed.


Award Winning Customer Service

At Guardso we offer top rated customer service to all our customers.


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If you're not fully satisfied with Guardso within 72 hours, we will address all your concerns or refund your money 100%*

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