Exceptionally Practical Guard Tour Client Portal

Improve the quality of service by giving your clients a secure access to all the critical information on the go by assigning a username and password from within PPO Dashboard.

  • client-profile-portal

    Client Profile

    Efficiently manage profiles of all clients on a single platform. Record all critical details in a well-organized manner and control client access to the portal.

  • check-in-out-marker

    Site Tours

    Record and access details regarding the assigned guards, the frequency of site tours, type of tags used and share the details with the clients.

  • task-report

    Share Tracking History

    Share the guards' GPS tracking history for a custom period with the clients. Let them know how patrols are executed on their site and by which guard.

  • incident-report

    Post Sites

    Record vital information for multiple post sites under various clients on a single platform. Share detailed post orders & notes with the assigned guards.

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  • call-logs

    Access To Reports

    Improve the customer experience by giving your clients access to detailed reports. Share incident, daily, site tours reports readily to keep them updated with on-site performance.

  • create-passdown

    Access To Call Logs

    Improve the quality of service by giving your clients the access to call logs. Easily give your clients secure access by assigning a username and password from within PPO Dashboard.

  • user-management

    User Management

    Allow your clients to give access to multiple users to client portal and manage users on their end. Guardso client portal user management feature make things easy and organized.

  • notifications


    Clients can define system notifications settings based on their preferences. Let your clients decide how they want to be notified about the events within Guardso.

  • custom-access

    Custom Access

    Provide the clients limited or unlimited access to client portal. Guardso is a Guard tour patrol that gives you full control over what information your clients can access.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Real-Time Reporting

    Give your clients true benefits of guard tour real-time reporting by giving them access to real-time reports. Retain your clients for longer periods of time.


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