Here You Will Find Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is guardso?

    Guardso is a easy to use and cost effective security guard management system. It is designed for security guard company that want to steamline the communication between company, guards, and the clients. Guardso allows security guard companies to eliminate the native paperwork process of gather information.

  • How much does Guardso cost?

    We are proud to say that Guardso is the most cost effective security guard management system available on the market. We only charge $20 per guard and you chance add as many client sites as you like. All plans include with full features.

  • Is there any contact to be signed ?

    No, We do not believe in tying the customer with long term contacts and that is the reason we charge on monthly bases which means you can cancel your service anytime you like.

  • Can i add multiple clients?

    Yes, with Guardso you can include as many clients and their sites as you like, there is no limit. However number of guards depends on which type of plan.