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Live Dashboard - Security Guard Mobile App - Client Portal

Track on-site presence and movement of security guards with Guardso mobile app in real-time. gps-tracking

GPS Tracking

Easily check the entire day’s on-field movement of your guards by viewing the track history. share-tracking

GPS Tracking History

Define the area within which the guard is allowed to move on site, get notified on a violation. geo-fencing


Conduct site tours using QR location tags allowing them to scan each tag using the mobile app. site-tour

Site Tours

Customize reporting criteria with custom report templates to suit your reporting requirements. custom-report

Custom Reports

Automate scheduling process, allow guards to access and confirm schedules on the mobile app. scheduler


Record the on-site time on each post site with Guardso mobile app and keep time sheets error-free. time-clock

Time Clock

Register, assign, and update the dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources on one platform. dispatcher


A seamless secure messenger that allows guards, admins, and clients to connect and collaborate. message


Create and send invoices, track delivery & payment making the invoicing process professional. invoices


Directly convert estimates to invoices on acceptance by the client and send them out for payment. estimate


Stay connected to the field and manage vehicle-based security patrols and post site hits frequency. vehicle-patrols

Vehicle Patrols

Give clear instructions to your officers concerning post sites accessible on the Guardso mobile app. post-order

Post Orders

No more paper reports, easily submit DARs right from the Guardso Mobile app in real-time. d-a-report

D.A.R Reports

Get instant notifications on theft, break-ins, threat at the client's site with incident reports. incident-report

Incident Reports

Allow guards to submit hourly reports from the site using mobile app cutting down reporting time. hourly-report

Hourly Reports

Get live notifications when your guards confirm shifts, clock in/out, submit reports and more. notification-hm


Allow your clients to give access to multiple users to client portal and manage users on their end. multiple-user

Multiple User Access

Easily view the video feeds submitted by the guards from the post site using Guardso mobile app. watch-mode-log


Share your company policies with security guards so that they can access on the Guardso mobile app. policy

Company Policy

Available on both iOS and Android, Guardso mobile app is designed to improve guard performance. mobile-app

Guards Mobile App

Give your clients secure access to all the critical information on the go to ensure transparency. client-portal

Client Portal

Allow guards assigned to a post site to create pass down logs to share important information. create-passdown


Assign tasks to your security officers easily accessible on the Guardso mobile app in real-time. task


Virtually register and share details of on-site visitors and vehicles with Guardso mobile app. visitor-log


Create shifts open to guards allowing them to choose and confirm which shifts they want to work. open-shift

Open Shifts

Add detailed guard profiles and manage all the important information concerning your officers. guard-profile

Guard Profiles

Create and manage detailed client profiles & multiple post sites, save important data in one place. client-profile

Client Profiles

Add multiple post sites under clients to quickly assign guards, add post orders, notes and tasks. post-site

Post Sites

Allow guards to check-in/out of post sites by scanning QR/NFC tags using Guardso mobile app. in-app-check-ins

In-App Check-Ins

Swap shift allows the guards to exchange their assigned shifts after approval by the admin. swap-shift

Swap Shift

Allow guards to request full day/partial, paid /unpaid time off right from Guardso mobile app. time-off

Time Off Request

Allows guards to alert admin in an emergency from Guardso mobile app, along with the location. panic-button

Panic Mode

Monitor guard hours and pay rates. Directly export payroll data to your accounting software. payroll-export

Payroll Export

Register pay rates for all guards based on skills and experience for efficient scheduling. pay-rate

Pay Rate

Define different types and durations for the paid/unpaid breaks for the guards on the post sites. break


Guardso mobile app is compatible with all iOS devices, download the iOS app from the iOS App Store. ios-app

iOS Guard App

Guardso mobile app is available on all android devices, download the app from the Google Play. android

Android Guard App

Powering 250+ Private Patrol Companies Worldwide

Making the security teams more efficient and data management secure.

Guardso iPhone and Mac
  1. operation-1

    Systematize Your Private Patrol Operations

    Guardso is designed to improve the flow of communication by organizing large amounts of data in a meaningful format.

  2. guard-perform

    Improve Security Officer's Performance

    Developed to improve your officer’s performance by addressing accountability at every step of patrol.

  3. stisfaction

    Increase Client Satisfaction

    Win more contracts by offering your clients state-of-the-art technology resulting in greater client satisfaction.

User-Friendly Guard Mobile App

Supports All Operating Systems And iOS/Android Devices


In-App Check-In/Out

Allow your security guards to check-in/out right from their smart-phone using the Guardso mobile app from the client site.


Submit Reports Online

Guards can easily submit multiple reports online using their mobile device. Reports become readily available through Guardso Live Dashboard and client portal.


GPS Enabled Site Tours

Improve accountability and increase your guard's performance by allowing your guards to conduct multiple site tours using Guardso mobile app.



Assign tasks to your on-field security teams to increase their productivity and accountability. Guards can easily access their assigned tasks on their mobile devices.

The Benefits Of Guardso At A Glance

Drive efficiency while integrating field and back-office operations to improve your bottom line.


Address Accountability

Address the accountability of each one of your guards with Guardso. Find out which guard is checked in at which site, if the guard is performing the right tasks and conducting tours regularly, submitting reports on time, and much more.


Simplify Reporting

Guardso allows the guards to submit multiple reports from their post sites via the mobile app. Get automatic notifications on the dashboard when your officers submit their reports, easily review, and approve reports to share them with your clients.


Deliver Quality

Truly improve the quality of service you provide to your clients with Guardso. Make effective decisions based on quality data to address accountability and significantly improve the way your guards do their job.


Stay Organized

Guardso helps you stay organized by systematizing all the important data in one place and making it available to your entire staff when needed. Guardso stores all your data on the cloud and makes it readily available in a secure and easy way.

50 K
Site Tours Conducted
130 K
Hourly Reports
86 K
Incidents Reported
70 K
Pass-Downs Generated

Move From Massy Paper Reports To The Cloud.

Take your entire security patrol operation to the cloud


Manage Your Security Patrol
Operations Effortlessly With Guardso

Guardso is an advanced guard monitoring system which helps you manage security patrol operations professionally. Guards can conduct site tours, submit reports, complete tasks, and more with the mobile app. All the data becomes readily available on the Live dashboard. Also, your clients can access all the approved reports using our client portal.

See What The Clients Say About Guardso

  • Guardso allows our company to easily manage our officers in the field. We love the fact that it is an easy to use solution for our staff and and guards on duty. We have drastically improved the quality of service to our clients ever since we started using Guardso. I would recommend it to any security company that wants to manage their security operations effectively.


    Bert M.

    CVP Security
    San Diego, CA
  • Guardso offers the right features for small to medium size security patrol company to manage their operations. We especially like the site tour feature where we can define site tours for each one of our client's site and have our guards conduct site tours on time resulting in improved guard performance. I would highly recommend Guardso to all security guard companies that want to improve the way they manage their security patrols.


    Kanwar R.

    47 Security
    Vancouver, B.C
  • Ever since we started using Guardso, our company has improved the way we serve our clients. Their online reporting system has saved our company thousands of dollars in manual labor cost. Our clients really like the fact that they can can easily login and access the reports using client portal. Guardso’s whole approach to security patrol solution is unique when compared to other systems.


    David M.

    Rangitikei Security
    Sydney, Au

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